Sashless Windows

Duce Sashless Windows

Duce sashless windows are sleek and stylish, giving the appearance of fixed glass with the functionality of a fully operable window. Their completely customisable sizing and operating designs allow them to be installed into almost any opening. The absence of the solid border around the panels of glass means that these windows are aesthetically unique and are perfectly suited to all homes, from a 19th century Federation to a modern contemporary design.

Duce sashless windows can consist of a number of panels of glass, arranged in various configurations. The panels can be configured to slide up or down the window area, or both directions if required. They are simple to operate, gliding smoothly into the desired position.

Key Features


Sashless windows can be custom made to almost any size, offering increased options and flexibility in the design of the building.


Similar to double-hung windows, sashless windows can be screened with the screen on the outside of the window. The entire opening is generally screened.

Sashless Window Configurations

Similar to double hung windows, Duce Sashless windows can be grouped or configured in various different ways. We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options.

Talk with our team on a suitable configuration for your project.

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