Sliding Doors

Solid Timber Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are an excellent solution for medium to large openings and are a great alternative to bi-fold doors. Sliding doors can take many forms from a simple standard sliding door unit, to a multi stacking set that opens up an entire wall or corner, or a system that can even slide inside a cavity to disappear altogether.

Utilising a heavy-duty track system, large doors can be used to showcase panoramic views from the comfort of your living room. Sliding doors have potentially limitless sizing, yet they glide open and close with surprising ease. Matching timber flyscreen and SupaScreen doors are also available.

Key Features


Sliding doors can be made to suit almost any opening. They have a potentially limitless maximum size, and are restrained only by the size of the building, the limitations of the glass and deflection rating of the door panels.

Recommended minimum opening width: 1500mm (door panel width 774mm)


Sliding door units can be fitted with matching flyscreen or SupaScreen doors panels. Screen door panels are lockable and allow for high levels of airflow. The frame depth of the sliding door unit must be large enough to allow for the additional screen door panels.

Sliding Stacker Door Configurations

Configuration options for sliding doors can be broken down by the direction the operable doors move; opening to the right, opening to the left and opening both directions. Some common configurations are:

Can’t see the configuration you are looking for, then why not design your own? We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options

Sliding Door configurations
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