A member of the Australian Glass & Window Association

Duce Timber Windows & Doors Proud member of the Australian Glass & Window Association (AGWA) and follows the AGWA’s strict code of ethics. These ethics ensure that your products will be built to the Australian Standards and made to withstand Australian conditions.

Below are some of the requirement of members of the Australian Glass & Window Association.

The Australian Glass & Window Association is made up of nearly 600 window manufacturers and industry suppliers throughout Australia. Members of the association have products tested to Australian Standard AS2047. You can be confident that products are made to withstand Australian conditions when purchasing from an AGWA member. Don’t risk costly replacement of non compliant products that are not suited to Australian conditions.

The aims of the AGWA are:

The AGWA has established strong links with the window industry in the United States of America, United Kingdom, South Africa and New Zealand and regularly exchanges information on the latest developments affecting the industry.

The AGWA is intended to be a co-operative of window manufacturers whereby all members are encouraged to be involved in the decision making process.

The AGWA operates through a committee system which allows for the views of the smallest manufacturer to be heard. Large Australian window manufacturers have the same voting rights as the smallest. The Association’s elected Board of Directors is the AGWA’s only decision making body and it oversees the Executive Director in the implementation of the Association’s objectives. Although there are State representatives on the Board, any Member or Associate Member can at any time liaise directly with the Executive Director or the Board of Directors.

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