Louvre Windows

Timber Louvre Windows

Louvre windows are a great way to achieve maximum airflow, while still maintaining a stylish appearance. When opened, the individual blades offer very little wind resistance allowing the breeze to flow freely through the window. Louvre blades come in a range of glass, timber and aluminium, allowing you to mix and match to suit the design of your room.

Louvre windows are well suited to high positioned openings where access to operate is difficult. In these scenarios, Duce power operated louvre windows give you the ability to open and close every blade with a press of a button.

Key Features


Louvre windows are very flexible in their sizing. Individual blades are arranged above one another to form a bank of louvres. Windows can comprise of a single bank of blades, common for smaller openings, or combined with multiple banks to span limitless lengths. Louvre blades come in two sizes:

102mm high blades and 152mm high blades.

The maximum width a blade can span is :
750mm for 102mm high blades and 900mm for 152mm high blades.

The height limit for a bank of blades is 3000mm.


Contrary to popular belief, louvre windows can be fitted with fly wire or SupaScreen mesh screens. The screens are normally located on outside of the window, however, internal screening can be achieved if required.

Louvre Window Configurations

Louvre windows can be grouped or configured in various different ways. We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options.

Talk with our team on a suitable configuration for your project.

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