Sliding Windows

Timber Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are one of the most common style of windows used in a modern home, thanks mainly to ease of use and their ability to suit almost any opening. They are an excellent space saver and a perfect alternative to bi-fold windows.

Although they cannot generally achieve 100% opening, they can be supplied as stackers with multiple sashes sliding one or two directions. Screens are available with fixed or sliding options.

Key Features


Sliding windows are one of the most versatile windows when it comes to sizing. They can be custom made to suit almost any opening.


Sliding windows can be screened with flywire mesh, stainless steel mesh or SupaScreen mesh. The choice of mesh can be in a fixed position or installed into an operable sash to allow for sliding of the screen.

Alternative options for screening include the use of a retractable screen or for a more architectural appearance the window can be fitted with a Ventwood screened sash.

Timber Sliding Window Configurations

Configuration options for sliding windows are similar to sliding doors and can be broken down by the direction the operable doors move; opening to the right, opening to the left and opening both directions. Some common configurations are:

Can’t see the configuration you are looking for, then why not design your own? We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options. Talk with our team on a suitable configuration for your project.

Configurations for Sliding Timber Windows
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