Awning Windows

Timber Awning Windows

Awning or Hopper windows, are becoming the popular window of choice in many homes. They are pushed or wound out effortlessly and when open, these windows offer good ventilation with a measure of rain protection. Awning windows are hinged along the top and open from the bottom.

As with casement windows, awnings can be utilised in most positions, but are not always suitable for decks or walkways due to their projecting nature.


Key Features


All our awning windows are custom made, allowing the window to suit a variety of opening sizes.


Awning windows can be effectively screened with either an inwards opening hinged screen or a combination of a fixed screen and internal winder to operate the window’s sashes.

Gas Struts

Adding gas struts to an awning window alters its design constraints and its overall functionality. The inclusion of gas struts enables the awning window to support much higher weights, allowing for increased sash sizing. The functionality of a gas strut awning also increases ventilation and airflow, resulting from almost 100% opening.

Awning Window Configurations

Timber awning windows can be grouped or configured in various different ways. We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options.

Talk with our team on a suitable configuration for your project.

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