Bi-fold Windows

Timber Bi-fold Windows

Bi-fold windows are a perfect choice when an unobstructed view is important. The sashes fold smoothly to the end of the window, opening the entire area and allowing for maximum ventilation. These windows can also be supplied with a wide servery sill, a perfect addition to an entertainment or bar area.

Adding an integrated retractable flyscreen makes bi-fold windows an aesthetically pleasing, and a practical window choice for medium to large openings.

Key Features


Bi-fold windows can be produced to suit a variety of heights and widths. They are well suited to wide openings, corner openings or openings adjacent to an entertainment area. We custom make to any size allowing for greater options and flexibility when designing your home.


Bi-fold windows can be effectively screened with a retractable screening solution. These screens are housed at the top of the window, unwinding downwards to screen the entire opening. For details on this option, please refer to the Screening section of our Selection Guide or talk with our experienced team on the extensive custom made screen options for your bi-folding windows.

Timber Bi-fold Window Configurations

Detailed below are some suggested configurations for bi-fold windows.

Can’t see the configuration you are looking for, then why not design your own? We custom make every item, providing endless design, configuration and sizing options. Talk with our team on a suitable configuration for your project.

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